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    Look no further! We’re all ears to listen to your needs and help you to improve your garden so you can improve the quality of your life or finding the next tenant easier.

    Whether residential or commercial, we provide professional, experienced services of landscaping in Bunbury, WA. We listen to your need and give you consultation, discuss with you all options and brainstorming ideas before doing the work. We pay attention to detail.

    Either it’s an empty land or a garden need to be taken care of, we’re happy to transfer your dream, vision, imagination into reality, and make it into an unique garden experience. Our landscapers in Bunbury have the answers and solutions for you.

    You also can visit our Landscaping Q&A to see some of our Q&A with Clients (being updated gradually)

    Do you know? 

    There are 8 declared plants known to occur in the City of Bunbury that have or could have serious economic, environmental or social impacts and are therefore targeted for control under state legislation.

    If you own those plants, please destroy them completely! Or ask us to help you to destroy them. If not, you may need to come to Bunbury hospital sometimes.

    bunbury declared plants
    domestic garden watering systems bunbury

    You will be like a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail

    Residential landscaping

    Some Bunbury wa residents would like their garden to have aesthetic beauty, while others want to connect their outdoor space with their living space. Our gardeners in Bunbury understand you and have a harmony solution for you. We take your space, location, budget and lifestyle into account to create for you the best experience.

    We can work with limited spaces and we provide variety of garden features such as: tiling, paving, decking, retaining walls, patio and shade sails, garden shed, natural and artificial grass installation and other design features.

    Commercial landscaping

    Do you want to impress your Clients with the beauty of your office? Do you want to provide a refreshing atmosphere for your staffs, coworkers and yourself? With our expertise, you can find yourself mixed with nature while working.

    You can focus on your business, and we will take care for you of landscape design and installation, routine maintenance. Bringing the experts in and we will bring you ideas and solutions you haven’t thought of or aware about. 

    landscape bunbury


    Bringing your ideas and our experiences into a clear picture of art and science to achieve environmental, social-behavioural and aesthetic outcomes.

    • Horticultural landscaping: 

    Planting and cultivating plants, trees, flowers in a harmony way according to the architecture and design.

    Removing old grass, then either planting new grass or install artificial grass.

    These construction is like the frame for your garden. Gravel helps to prevent unwanted weeds.

    • Patio, Decking & Shade sails

    Your outdoor areas will be fun and functional at the same time, it will be as an extension of your living space.

    • Retaining Walls

    This mainly help to hold soil, but they also help to elevate your property while sectioning it off.

    • Garden Sheds

    These cute small houses not only can be your storage space and tidy up your garden but also can be a good place for your kids to play hide and seek.

    Regularly proper lawn mowing keeps your grass green and thick. 



    Do you know? 

    That if you have pets, then there are certain plants you can’t have for your pet’s sake. 

    These were pointed out by Angie Thomas, Horticulture Consultant to Yates on an article on Bunbury Mail

    They are: Chrysanthemum, tomato plants, chives, lilies, hydrangea, Devil’s Ivy.

    This is simply because those plants can be poisonous to your fur friends. No matter how much you love to have those plants, you gotta choose. And you know what side you need to choose, right?

    bunbury cat flower
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