Grass Installation

You want your lawn to be beautiful instantly? Are you looking for grass installation? Either you are looking for natural grass or artificial turf Bunbury, we have some suggestions for you.

Artificial grass pros and cons

Artificial grass is becoming more and more appealing due to low maintenance needs. However, let’s look at its pros and cons:

Appearance: pros: your artificial turf will look very very green, even if color may reduce along the time due to weather, it would still look greener than natural grass. Cons: it does look fake, you may not have the feeling of enjoying it, due to it’s not natural, and your body is designed to enjoy more natural stuff. And though mowing is no longer needed, it means you don’t get to enjoy your good work after a mow.

Environment: On one aspect, by not nurturing natural grass, you don’t consume any pesticide and fertilizer, therefore minimize pollution caused by those. On the other hand, artificial grass once no longer being used, will become persistent trash which cause harm to the environment. However, this problem hopefully can be swept away one day by a young industry of recycling artificial turf.

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  • Lower total investment:

Artificial turf requires a big upfront investment. However, once that payment is made, then you’re good for years. Dividing the initial cost of artificial grass installation over the turf lifespan, you will see that the cost is significantly lower than having natural grass.

  • Low maintenance:

What makes homeowners feel greatest with this option is about its minimal maintenance need. Yes, you would need to clean it by brushing and rinsing, but you don’t need to spend much efforts as with natural grass and most of the time you can do it yourself rather than have to hire a lawn service. In case you’re out of town for a while or too busy to take care of your lawn, it’s not a problem at all.

  • Saving water consumption:

Well, synthetic grass doesn’t require water to grow. Water is only needed for cleansing to rinse away the residue left behind by animal/pet or to remove dust


The biggest con of artificial grass is probably heat problem. As it’s made from plastic, it could be come really hot during hot months. In some cases, sunlight together with reflex from glass window could melt the grass. A fix for this is adding sand as infill because humidity is kept inside the sand. Yes, it would add to the cost, however, you could have the best of both worlds with it.

Beside, if you have dogs/animals who aren’t toilet trained, then you would need pet infill to protect your yard from bad smelling.

Natural grass pros and cons

Yes, you will get all the pros of artificial grass as cons and all of its cons as pros. With natural grass, you will get the real feeling, it won’t be heated so much, you will get fresh air from it. Natural grass would less hurt your kids and specially if you have a toddler, it would reduce the possibility of your toddler would eat the grass.

And yes, it has higher total investment, mowing frequently is needed and it consumes a lot of water as well as fertilizer and pesticide.

Now, considering all those factors, if you choose either of them to install or have more questions, please contact us! You also can consider Greenacres turf Bunbury or Vasse lawn farm for grass installation.

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