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Whether a big or small project, whether it is a simple refresh or a total overhaul, we would follow the same approach for each project with flexibility. Some steps might be shortened or combined, while the others need to be extend. However, our approach is usually as follow:

Project Inception & Initiation

  • Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation with you, usually it would be a visit and sit down at your place, or via phone call, we will get some ideas about what are you looking for. We will be ready with our pen and notebook, listen to you and collect info such location, size, initial ideas, uses, budget, timeline. Of course, we would need to get your name and contact info into our file. We would also brainstorm you with ideas.

  • Return Brief/Proposal

After getting information from you, depend on the size and complexity of the project, we would either provides a return brief or proposal right in the phone call/meeting or get back to you later via email.

If an email is needed, we would summarize about what we understood about your request, we would list the job we need to do, how many people needed to do the job, what do we need from you, the price and how long would it take.

  • Project Understanding & Site Survey

Once you accept our proposal, we will visit you to get deeper understanding about the project, talking with our team, discuss all aspects with you, understanding about logistics for future construction. We also check if your project, idea is compliance with government policy.


Designing is where we put all ideas into a sketch or digital drawing for visualization. This will be helpful for us to follow through all the details, put notes while doing the construction itself. How do we do this also depend on your expectation in the discussion.


At this stage we would come to your garden/yard to do the on site work. Depend on each project, there would be various stage, such as: site clearing; trenching; installing of drainage, irrigation, electrical services; hardscaping (bricklaying, retaining walls, paving, stone, concrete, wood, gravel); planting (trees, plants, flowers …); fixtures (lighting, chair, table); fix any problem and complete.

Maintenance/Recurring service

Maintenance will be done if needed for a period agreed in advance. Recurring maintenance service: depend on Client’s demand which can be discussed in advance or after the construction. This could happen for months or years depend on each project.

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