Q: Hi Bunbury Landscaping, I hope you and your business are going well. Could you give us an advice? What do you recommend us to do with this perpetually shaded and muddy area that won’t grow grass? We’re thinking of gravel/ mulch. Also, do you provide the service to do so? If yes, how much? (Mister P)

perpetually shaded and muddy area

A: Hi Mister P. Thank for your inquiry!
Our landscapers in Bunbury would like to answer you with different options as follow:

  1. Path + Shade garden, with hostas, ferns, caladiums.
  2. Cut a trench from the low point to the right and lay corrugated drainage pipe in a sock. Dig a French drain under that mulched area that the pipe will lead to. Backfill all that, then setup metal edging for a path and put decomposed granite. Crown the path a little.
  3. Spaced stones pathway and nice aromatic ground coverings between them like a creeping thyme or mint.
  4. Moss garden: make a stone path and let moss take over. Moss is already there, you can take advantage of it.
  5. Rain garden
  6. Build a deck/Hardscape Patio / Artificial Turf / Gazebo
  7. Remove the grass and put down a brown triple shredded mulch. And plant some shade plants (hostas and variegated hydrangeas. Maybe a river birch and or a variegated Japanese maple. And just tuck the pine straw into the mulch from the other bed.

Yes, we do provide the service to help you with this. For a quote, please contact us with more info of your yard/garden (such as what is the area) as well as which option above do you choose, and we will get back to you with a quote!

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